A software defined space-based services platform, designed to serve the critical data needs of a growing analytics economy.

QubeStationTM is an on-orbit platform that opens  the next frontier in remote sensing and cloud computing.

The Need for QubeStationTM

Why QubeStationTM?

Today, space systems are developed as custom appliances at great expense and risk to their stakeholders. Once on orbit, there is no ability to re-purpose, refresh, or repair these systems. As systems degrade, fuel is expended and technology advances, they become a liability and the investment in their development is degraded or lost. Costs and complexity associated with space systems imposes a significant barrier to entry for those wishing to participate in the space enterprise. QubeStationTM opens access to space to everyone. From universities to nation states to private individuals, anyone can benefit from QubeStationTM.


What is QubeStationTM?

QubeStationTM radically challenges today’s approach to the development of space‐based sensors and expands participation in space‐based data collection and communications provisioning. It creates a services infrastructure on‐orbit and provides a fully networked services platform. QubeStationTM will deliver:

• Basic Services:

Power, timing, attitude control, commanding, and communications

• Enhanced Services:

On-board processing, real-time analysis, storage, data handling, and networking.

• Maintenance & Upgrades:

Facilitate the Repurposing, Refreshing, Renewing and Repair of on-orbit sensors and spacecraft systems.

• Multi-Sensor Data:

Multi-modal data and analytics on demand to a growing data dependent economy.




How can QubeStationTM help me?

QubeStationTM lays the foundation for an age of Space-based Services, allowing people to benefit from space-based systems and to make our world more accessible.


QubeStationTM’s on-orbit “real estate” can accommodate multiple payloads on a single platform and dramatically reduces the complexity and cost incurred by space entrepreneurs. This single-platform multiple-sensor capability is a keystone technology simplifying command and control, asset management, and data collection while increasing survivability


QubeStationTM’s sat-2-sat mesh network, creates in-plane, and out-of-plane connectivity that allows virtual persistence over an area of interest. It is a Space-based Services platform that stores, analyzes, and processes data without ever reaching back to earth, creating fused multi-intelligence products and on-orbit analytics for business, intelligence and scientific use.


Make your impossible dreams REAL

QubeStationTM utilizes a common bus with an open architecture construct creating a fully networked and resilient infrastructure through which services, capabilities, and ideas operate. Every part of QubeStationTM is networked, aggregating the power of every individual resource for the benefit of all resources. By utilizing well-defined open specifications, plug and play interfaces, and a common bus structure, inexpensive access to space can become a reality.



QubeStationTM is sensor agnostic, capable of hosting multiple phenomenological collectors on a single platform. Using a fully networked chip scale atomic clock to synchronize time across platforms and sensors, QubeStationTM enables coherent multi-sensor collection and the simultaneous aggregation of multiple observables from a single target. .


QubeStationTM  is built upon a single well defined bus.  The infrastructure is created through a patented truss construct which provides stability, payload separation, and system connectivity.  Payloads can connect utilizing a patented docking process and connector to create multi-sensor and multi-Phenomology platforms that can look at earth or space, based upon the leasees need.  Platforms can connect creating larger Service Centers which can provide enhanced capabilities to users, renters, and owners.


Current “NewSpace” data providers are building single format custom appliances.  QubeStationTM is the first mover to use software defined converged infrastructure +DDS industry standard API’s to create a payload agnostic platform that is reconfigurable and maintainable.


QubeStationTM will build and sustain durable advantage through:

1. Published well defined interfaces and API’s for space-based sensor constructors.

2. Fault tolerant distributed attitude control.

3. On-orbit real-time processing that creates a Decision Advantage for its customers.

4. Rapid packaging reconfiguration to leverage emerging small launch vehicles.



Our Guaranty

QubeStation'sTM  data capture, processing, storage, and transmission of data allows our customers to make rapid near-real time decisions.  In a world where seconds make the difference between profit and loss you can count on QubeStationTM.


QubeStationTM's Tech in a nutshell

QubeStationTM's Services (Coming Soon)

Open Positions

QubeStationTM is looking for talented Engineers who have a drive and passion to solve hard problems.  If you are up to a challenge and want to work next to other experts who also share your drive and passion to push the technological edge, we are accepting resumes.










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